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In my previous post, “Why Philanthropists Give,” we continued our “journey” into why Philanthropists change the world with the concept of Pay Back. We understood that strong emotional feeling of gratitude. We called it “Socializing” and talked about how it impacts Philanthropy.

Before we move on to the next reason why Philanthropists GIVE, allow me to share with you another example as I typically do in this blog. One of the Philanthropists with whom I’ve been working closely, is a very methodological businessperson: Focused, detailed, and the list is long in describing how isolated and closed this Philanthropist is. In my work with this donor, something very unreal happens – again and again – when engaging in philanthropy, this donor turns into a warm, open, engaging person who warms beneficiaries as a spirited and kind soul. As if something deep emerges into the daylight through philanthropy.

Lastly on this point: I have seen this in enough donors to make the case, that philanthropy impacts people who give, it makes people shine… (p.s. that may include you too) I am not arguing that it changes one’s personality! I am making the case that it brings out other aspects of any personality. Sides that are often kept behind the scenes for reasons of which we are unaware. Philanthropy exposes these beautiful aspects very gracefully. And the world rejoices, along with the Philanthropists and their families!

Allow me to conclude this post by naming this GIVE, which is somewhat different from areas we touched previously: Touch. This “Touch” aspect, which often people in the corporate world know very well, will attract them back to the #socialgood. They may not have such “touches” very often, and therefore Philanthropy may well be a great opportunity to bring out aspects of themselves which they enjoy and are important to them.

Looking forward to seeing you next blog. Stay in touch...



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