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Avinoam Hadas

Advising CEOs, government leaders, social activists, journalists and academics, Avinoam Hadas is recognized as a leading expert, trainer and coach for media interviews, crisis communication, public speaking, and verbal and non-verbal communication.


Avinoam has worked internationally with leaders and communicators at the highest levels, from the United States and Europe to Africa and the Middle East. His extensive experience includes advising and promoting investment funds, corporate and hi-tech clients. He has developed social projects and internet campaigns in West Africa, working closely with government institutions and companies.


Avinoam wrote and produced ten public service announcements (PSAs) to change consumer habits and Internet usage across Africa. One video won first prize at Togo's "2013 Most Influential and Popular TV Ads."

Charming the Media


Standing before TV cameras or speaking into a radio microphone can induce tension, anxiety, and disorientation. Someone unpracticed in media appearances can lose it all in one moment.


Questions you should be asking:


  • For any press encounter, what are your goals?

  • How will you prepare for a press conference or an interview?

  • What will be your key messages and sound bites?

  • How will you tailor the message to your target audience?

  • Whom will you quote?

  • How can you maximize body language and sense of humor?

  • What will you wear?

  • How will you handle surprises and tough questions?


Leaders and executives seek out Avinoam's expertise for a range of communication, media and training, and we rely on him as well!

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