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Government & International

Diplomatic & Legislative Strategies


Trade agreements, peace treaties, appropriations bills, UN resolutions, state visits – all can be influenced and adjusted, and the earlier and smarter, the better. Getting heard by the right people requires publicity, but also reputations premised on credibility and relationships based upon trust. This includes presidents and parliaments, royal courts, ministers, career staff, insiders and outsiders.


Getting the right language inserted in the final document, and keeping stakeholders engaged to ensure implementation after the vote, is equally critical. We have a track record of forging coalitions, among governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), parliamentarians, and grassroots communities.


Beyond the elected officials and parliamentarians, are the unelected appointees and professionals who work for them. They, in turn, oversee massive regional international bureaucracies like the United Nations, European Union, NATO, and the Organization of American States. Reaching and impacting employees who are so far removed from any voter or effective stakeholder requires leveraging relationships, trust, versatile competencies, cultural fluency, persistence, and perseverance.



Global Education & Internationalization


We have taken international partnerships from napkin to drawing board, to bricks and mortar – and each one has been inspiring and unique. Maximizing your internationalization potential involves much more than hiring a director of international programs. There is no shortage of potential partners in other countries, and far broader than normal university-to-university collaborations, eager to realize a more Innovative, entrepreneurial future.

Policy Research & Analysis


We produce the analysis, present it, and help to apply it to actionable goals within your specific environment. Our custom-tailored approach transcends conventional pre-packaged or online research:


  • Timely information uniquely relevant to you

  • Proprietary, timely input from experts/influencers

  • Commentary, news and analysis to your needs 

  • Real-time alerts when relevant developments occur

  • Options for response and action 



Human Rights Advocacy


Framing your cause within the right legal and political context can make all the difference, from immigration and asylum cases to broad policy outcomes. This requires not only hitting the right talking points, but connecting throughout with the relevant players in and out of government, in the media, and on the ground. We’ll maximize the right venue and instrument, be it an annual assembly or regular sessions in New York, Geneva, Washington, Brussels, Strasbourg, Manama, Marrakesh, Moscow, Kyiv, or The Hague.

Innopolis University
Globalized Education

Coordinated visioning and implementation of Russia's newest global IT hub and university.

Statewide Education Advocacy

Revived and repositioned a dormant community advocacy brand into an instrumental inside player, to deliver dramatic legislative and financial results.

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