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GloBee–Washington Office

Kharkiv Delegation Visit

In March 2016, YourGlobalStrategy became the official U.S. representative for GloBee, the International Agency for Regional Development, a Ukraine-based non-governmental organization with branches in China, the United Kingdom, and other countries. The signing of this agreement took place in GloBee's new offices at 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, overlooking the White House. His Excellency Ihor Rainin, Governor of Ukraine's Kharkiv Region, signed as a witness. In May 2015, his Administration had signed an agreement for GloBee to represent Kharkiv Region's economic, cultural and humanitarian interests internationally.


The signing coincided with a visit by Governor Rainin and a delegation of government and business leaders from Kharkiv Region, for whom YourGlobalStrategy organized meetings with government officials, business leaders and opinion-shapers in New York and Washington.


Through the permanent Washington presence, GloBee and YGS look forward to promoting Kharkiv as a Western-facing industrial and IT hub, and as a gateway to the rest of Ukraine.

Read the agreement between GloBee and YourGlobalStrategy: 

Clockwise from upper left:


Signing agreement to represent GloBee and Kharkiv Region in the United States (Ron Sachs/CNP)


Gov. Rainin (at right) with Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) on Capitol Hill (Ron Sachs/CNP)


Gov. Rainin with Carlo Scissura, President, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (Hillel Engel)


GloBee CEO Dmytro Shuval and YourGlobalStrategy's Shai Franklin with Rep. Engel (Ron Sachs/CNP)


At the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce: "Kharkiv is the Brooklyn of Europe!" (Hillel Engel)


Gov. Rainin with Amb. John Herbst at the Atlantic Council

(Ron Sachs/CNP)


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