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Media & Social Media


If you're on TV, and your target audience didn't watch, are you really hitting your benchmarks? 


Decision-makers take press and social media optics into account, and so do their customers and constituents. Integrating a conventional media strategy with hands-on social media can frame coverage of an event or product line, while raising visibility for the brand, engaging a wider audience, and driving traffic to your website or physical space.


"Social ROI" doesn’t depend on your number of followers or clicks to your website – it’s about establishing real presence, partners, promoters, clients, and customers. Qualitative-based social media complements the more quantitative, automated, high-volume social media optimization (SMO) tools.


We’ll match your messaging to a coordinated communication strategy, including live-tweeting and posting of videos, pushing press releases, drafting and placing op-eds, and maximizing earned media. We can work seamlessly with your existing communication team to amplify visibility and placement, and to make sure your message is consistent and self-reinforcing across multiple platforms and audiences.



Media Booking & Production


Journalists and business professionals arriving in a foreign land need guidance and logistical support to maximize their visit and avoid any pitfalls. We have organized media tours and business delegations, and diplomatic and philanthropic delegations -- in wartime and peace. We can arrange interviews and site visits, logistics for travel and broadcasting, and research. We will work with you to identify goals and impact your audiences in lasting way.


Video Production






Do you like the videos on our website? Many of them were produced by Michael Masters and our professional team on three continents — available anywhere, anytime. We want to tell your story, in your voice and with your images, as effectively as possible. Video or film, commercial or documentary, live or testimonial.

Charming the Media


Standing before TV cameras or speaking into a radio microphone can induce tension, anxiety, and disorientation. Someone unpracticed in media appearances can lose it all in one moment.


Questions you should be asking:


  • For any press encounter, what are your goals?

  • How will you prepare for a press conference or an interview?

  • What will be your key messages and sound bites?

  • How will you tailor the message to your target audience?

  • Whom will you quote?

  • How can you maximize body language and sense of humor?

  • What will you wear?

  • How will you handle surprises and tough questions?


Contact us for help with these kinds of questions and concerns!


Content Creation & Editing


Tell your story! Once you get your target audience to listen, what will you say? Whether an internal memo, a website or a public campaign, a speech or Congressional testimony, crafting an authentic, consistent and compelling narrative is the key to any outreach effort.


Creating and adapting headlines and text for each platform and audience, formatting, editing and proofreading, coordinating with your web developers and printing house, finding the right photo for the selected text – these tasks are integral to putting across your message, on your terms.


  • Annual Reports

  • Solicitations

  • Updates

  • Ghostwriting

  • Articles & Web content

  • Conference Proceedings

  • Editing books & articles

  • Speechwriting

  • Congressional Testimony

Communication Coaching


When you're suddenly thrust into the media spotlight by crisis or opportunity, it's a bit late to start learning how to communicate effectively and reach your target audience. (Of course, we can still help, even at the last minute!)


Our discreet, personal coaching is geared to executives and elected officials seeking to advance themselves or their campaigns. We design a unique coaching plan for each client. Working with us one-on-one, you’ll rapidly acquire the tools of self-definition and self-empowerment, for articulating a vision and formulating a compelling message.


You’ll develop the capacity to get your message across quickly and precisely to your target audience, be it small or massive. You’ll learn to speak with passion and captivate audiences, to exude leadership and self-confidence, to handle objections and to move your audience to action.



"America’s Voices" 

CBS-KDKA Broadcasts from Israel


Leveraged relationships and expertise to broker an unlikely series of radio broadcasts from Israel to help change perceptions of American listeners.

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