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Business Strategies


Assessments & Strategic Plans


The more things change, the more you need to plan for the unexpected. Our strategic plans reclaim and – as needed – help adapt your mission statement, define what success would mean at each phase, and then map out specific and coordinated strategies to reach those goals. We identify existing and potential resources, from physical and financial assets, to your team's professional potential and accessible audience. We candidly rate the challenges and liabilities, and outline a set of options for different contingencies and opportunities likely to arise. 


A plan is only as good as its implementation – we offer follow-up and ongoing consultation at every phase.


Organizational Branding & Restructuring


Commenting on his novel Badenheim 1939, the writer Aharon Appelfeld has said, the first chapter contains the essence of the entire novel. So too does each paragraph. Each sentence. And so it does!


The essence, the mission, the vision of any enterprise should be obvious and inherent in every action, every program, every relationship, and every communication. Every tweet.


Is your organization proud of its mission? Do you have a global strategy – a means for actualizing that mission through every aspect of your work and culture? This is as important as the product you supply, because it is your product.


Let us recalibrate your public image so it consistently matches the look you intend, reworking your image and your actual program and structure so that substance and appearance are in sync:


  • Map out new missions and re-purpose dormant operations

  • Shepherd name changes, new logos, and websites

  • Recruit and activate new Board Members and Investors

  • Design and institute best practices to industry standards

  • Retool and reposition staff and infrastructure to maximize revenue, resources, production, services, and sustainable growth

  • Manage leadership consultations to rethink the very premise and nature of an organization

  • Create processes and seize opportunities to showcase an organization's unique value added

Immigration Solutions


We have secured short-term visas and normalized long-term status in the United States and overseas, for professionals, students, and undocumented petitioners – from expediting to diplomatic intervention, to literally clearing a client through security and into the Consulate. We’ll find and work with the right attorneys, engage the necessary officials, and do whatever it takes.

International Project Management


Your project takes place in another country, and you want it to be financially and culturally successful wherever it is, whatever it takes. We have engaged and managed many types of projects in numerous countries. From research and financing stages, through property purchase, staff recruitment and training, all the way through oversight of implementation.


  • Representative Offices

  • Joint Ventures

  • Project finance

  • Due diligence

  • Feasibility studies

  • Outsourcing of manufacturing/services

  • Community Centers

  • Academic institutions

  • Social service programs

  • Museums & exhibitions

Blue Knot
Community-Based Tech Investment Network

Using a community-based technology network, addressed the parallel challenges of low community engagement by tech professionals and the need of tech startups to attract local investors.

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