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M. David Carley

David Carley specializes in business development, strategic brand readiness, start-up formation, operational effectiveness, and financial best practices. He has also developed a versatile and highly regarded practice in executive coaching, leadership training team-building, utilizing conference rooms and a wide range of outdoor experiences.

As a professional and a volunteer, David has led overhauls of training, certification and competition protocols for the Red Cross, YMCA, and Special Olympics.


After graduating from Temple University, David served seven years in the U.S. Navy, being selected to the Underwater Demolitions Teams and then the Amphibious Reconnaissance Team, where he held a command of 12 men and served in the Mediterranean, North China Sea, Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Mexico. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Lieutenant, and returned to complete his Masters Degree at Temple.

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David Carley produces customized business models, business plans, operational standards and procedures, marketing strategies and plans, and financial reporting tools. Most recently, he led the process of creating the business plan and go-to-market strategies for a start-up cosmetic company and a children’s educational toy company, in addition to building capacity for several international humanitarian initiatives. He has worked with numerous companies and organizations in industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Financial Planning and Money Management, Asian Cosmetic start-ups, Construction Contracting and Development companies, as well trade and commerce organizations like the Japan External Trade Organization, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, and the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.


Team assessment and unit cohesion for corporate divisions, sales teams, professionals, executives.



  • Maximize the staff roles

  • Leverage the individual’s skills to maximize his/her and the team’s success

  • Demonstrating and Enhancing the team’s potential



  • Focus on each individual's mission and vision within the team

  • Review the organization’s Mission and Vision

  • Establish guideposts for moving forward individually and then collectively

  • Raise the organization’s performance to the next level and beyond through individually and collectively unifying the goals and objectives of each individual, team, and the entirety of the organization

Skill games challenge participants to identify and overcome challenges (obstacles), in a transformative process that makes a team work together.

  • SCUBA: Three supervised group dives over three days (prior certification required)

  • ROPES: Climbing, high ropes, zip-lining process, rock-climbing, and scaling

  • SCAVENGER HUNT: Two days of outdoor navigation and survival skills

  • GROUP SUMMARY: The good, the bad, and the ugly – how to apply the lessons learned.

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