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Philanthropic Initiatives

Philanthropy Management


You, your family, your organization or company want to make a difference, in a way that involves “fixing” and not just writing checks. We have a track record of projects in various countries where the philanthropic engagement made a lasting difference, fixed or initiated groundbreaking solutions to challenges. We know that donors can be instrumental and entrepreneurial in identifying and implementing solutions, which make the world better and stronger, because we’ve seen it in action – and for us, this is the essence of philanthropy.


Philanthropic Sherpa: We want to be part of the process of finding your #socialgood voice, strategy, and engagement. And we want to integrate this with the rest of your involvements: family, business, associates, friends, etc. We will help you come up with your own unique Philanthropy, as we have done around the world.



Partnering, Partnership, Collaboration


Innovation today presupposes partnering and collaboration. Through the years we have partnered, established partnerships for others, and enabled collaborations between numerous organizations and companies around the world. These benefit clients and beneficiaries in many time zones, but more than anything, “Together we are better.”


SOS Pittsburgh
Emergency Social Services 

Applied model from the philanthropist's overseas project to address unmet needs back at home.

Fundraising & Donor Development


We have worked closely with major philanthropists and know what helps them to grow and expand their impact. Beyond the customary annual and capital-centered campaigns, fundraising today strategically engages donors, corporations, investors, volunteers and foundations, with a broader map of giving opportunities. Together with you, we look at your total resources development (TRD) and move it forward and upward, vetting and targeting new prospects and projects.


Supporters and investors reach an organization through many portals. Identifying, cultivating, recruiting, utilizing, informing, coaching and following their better instincts involves more than skill. It takes sensibility, creativity, patience, audacity, and trust. It takes active listening and genuine dialogue. Our work with you will respond to your needs and ambitions, and – within that context – to theirs, as well, whether as a limited assignment or a long-term undertaking.



Grant Writing


Since many foundations won't even consider unsolicited proposals, researching, networking and establishing a conversation are critical, along with follow-up and shepherding implementation. We optimize results and deepen your relationship with the funder.

Memorial Synagogue at Poklonnaya Gora
Community-based National Museum


Organized an international visioning and planning process for a national synagogue and heritage museum in post-Soviet Moscow. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.36.54
Victims of Terrorism
Donor-Driven Assessment  

An assessment led to a somewhat revolutionary mechanism that has been working now for close to a decade with many successes.

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