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Tours, Delegations, VIP Visits


A trip is a terrible thing to waste.


A dignitary's one-hour visit to a museum can deliver a media bonanza and change an organization, but first it has to be successful. Let us plan and handle every detail of your high-profile travel and visits, from airline tickets, visas and reimbursement, all the way to speakers, site visits, receptions, lobby days, and press coverage. Will you visit the Vatican, or will you have a Papal audience?


Will your delegation's meetings be overshadowed or canceled because of larger considerations? Let us minimize the complications!















Whether a visit happens on short notice or with months of preparation, we will show you how to maximize the outcome while also fulfilling your primary goals. Our co-founders and affiliates have planned and managed every sort of travel and visit across continents — educational, official, diplomatic, philanthropic, press, heritage, and more. Beyond our permanent presence in the United States, Russia and Israel, we are able for arrangements anywhere in the world, at any time.



Event Planning & Management


We’ll help you find the right time, venue and speaker to put your message front and center, and in a way that fits into a trending issue. Getting influencers to use your stage, to tap into your agenda as the backdrop for reaching their target audience, can effect real and lasting changes in the conversation and elevate your own brand at the same time – from a press briefing to a diplomatic reception, site visit, exhibition opening, or book launch.



Performing Arts

Management & Marketing


Sold Out, SRO… We’ll transform your arts event or venue into a cultural phenomenon, maximizing artistic and audience engagement, marketing and media exposure, content, sales, spin-off, and more.




Kyiv Conference on Anti-Semitism
International Public Diplomacy

Maximized government and NGO participation, upgraded a community-based commemoration into an international policy event.

Reception for Lisa Seror's "Crossings"
Art Opening to Diplomacy

Organized and promoted an exhibition opening as an artistic and diplomatic bridge between Arabs and Jews.

International Leaders Forum
Book Launch as Diplomatic and Inter-Religious Tribute

Elevated a book launch to a high-profile diplomatic and civilizational dialogue at the start of the United Nations General Assembly. 



Misgav Music & Nature Festival
Regional Arts Initiative

Recast a niche festival as a community gathering and family recreation, broadening and elevating the experience for all.

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