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Case Study

Misgav Music & Nature Festival
Regional Arts Initiative

Recast a niche festival as a community gathering and family recreation, broadening and elevating the experience for all.

The semi-annual chamber music festival in Misgav, set in one of Israel's most beautiful and green regions, suffered from low attendance. The municipality's goal was to boost those numbers, especially among visitors from across the country.

By engaging, and listening to, the organizers, residents, audience and potential audience members — and researching alternative strategies — a completely new vision was developed. This enabled incorporating lighter shows to attract a broader audience, using outdoor space along the beautiful local streams, performances inside homes, in municipal forests of the municipality at the end of hiking tours.


The renamed "Music & Nature Festival" — geared to families and outdoor adventures, including horseback riding — was sold out before it opened. Local residents even complained about being unable to participate!


For more information on this and other projects, please contact YGS Co-Founder Michael Steiner.

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