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Case Study

Donor Development
Strategy & Skills
Infusing Fundraising Capacity 

Partnered with national and local network to train senior Federation staff in ongoing donor-development beyond the annual “ask”.

Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) engaged the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and our co-founder, Michael Steiner, in a marathon two-day fundraising workshop with the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. The training used Michael's relationship-based Donor Development methodology – raising new dollars, and more dollars, from more people.


Historically, Federation fundraising focuses on the yearly “ask”, and much less on sustained “donor-development” or growing donors through their own giving. As JFNA sought to apply the innovation of Federations like Pittsburgh to train and instill confidence among professionals in communities across the country, South Palm Beach seemed an ideal proving ground. JFNA Senior Vice-President Vicki Agron spearheaded this initiative, turning to Michael as an innovator on the ground in Pittsburgh, Israel, and the former Soviet Union.


Coordinated closely with the South Palm Beach Vice-President of Development, the goal of the training was to develop strategic thinking and practical skills among the federation’s development senior team. The two days of resource-development training included presentations, workshops, participants exercises, micro-teaching, and coaching. The Federation’s President and senior staff also participated, honing their teamwork and took home self-assessments about their capacity and skills to develop further.


Among the topics covered:


>Introduction to Donor Development

>Working Differently - The Donor Development Impact

>Walking in the Footsteps of a Major Donor

>How to Engage Friends & Develop Donors

>Developing a Super Professional Silhouette


And much more.


For more information on this and other projects, 

please contact YGS Co-Founder Michael Steiner.

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